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Levelized Teaching Method (LTM)

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Patent, Design & TM Drawing.  

ConClavit Education Online, founded by Dr. K. T. Varughese is an online learning platform for Education enhancement

  in focused areas of  Innovation and Knowledge Management in all faculties of knowledge.

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Education Through Online Learning Levelized Teaching Method (LTM For Sure Success)

Why should one choose CONCLAVIT Online Classes for the Indian Patent Agent Examination? 

In India,  there is no Educational Institution providing Patent Agent Exam Course at the quality level of IITs for technical subjects or National Law Schools for Law subjects. ConClavit’s attempt is to impart high-quality education on the Indian Patent Agent Exam Syllabus, considered a techno-legal discipline, equivalent to the standards of IITs and National Law Schools. Our Previous results have proved that the Conclavit Levelized Teaching Method (CLTM) helps candidates score 10 out of 10 marks for questions and 40 or more out of 50 for Drafting in Paper 2. Similarly, they are also able to score  40 or more marks out of 50 for viva voce examination. As regards Paper 1, our candidates sit with the confidence of scoring high because of CLTM.

         (1) Live Classes on Indian Patent and Design Agent Exam  2024 

120 Hours Plus Refresher  and Viva voce Tinkering Classes      

Personalized Mentoring and  Handholding  Support  

Current Batches: Regular Syllabus:  07 to 10.30 AM (One-hour duration batches)
Discussion Classes:   07-09 AM (Saturdays) ; Note: The Exam Authority is yet to announce the date of the Exam


                                                     Course Fee For PAE (PADE) 2024 is  Rs.59000/-;                                                                  Subsidized to  Rs. 39000/- Last year fee still until further revision soon

ENROLLMENT FEE: RS.9750/- ONLY; Balance fee any time before the Patent Agent Exam 2024. 

Methodically Formulated Patent & Design Drafting (MFPDD) Training


For Details, if any, write to:   [email protected]


(2)  File your patent by training and mentoring mode (Contact us  for details)

(3) Inventor Training Program (Contact us for details)

(4) FDP Training program for Faculties and Scientists (Contact us for details)

(5)  Workshop or Orientation Training for  Patent Practitioners (Contact us for Details)

(6) RTI Filing Training  (Contact us for details) 

PATENT DRAWING SERVICES: -Patent, Design & Trademark Illustrations; ILLUSTRATOR:-Prajiv T. Varughese BVA, M.Sc(Animation) Whatsapp: 8892880376; Email:[email protected]

New Series of Lectures; Patent Agent Exam Classes, Patent/IP Drawing Services

How Do You Know You Have An Invention To Patent: Drafting And Filing To Ace As Patent Mentor

For Details: [email protected]
Mob: 9738008181

Unique Value Proposition​


Fee: USD 901- Indian Participants may reach us for fee details in INR


Fee Rs. 3900/-CONTACT PH. 9738008181


120 plus hours of Skill Oriented Training; Fee: Rs. 39000/- ; Enrollment Fee is Rs. 9750/- only.
CONTACT PH. 9738008181

ConClavit strategy is centred around the core- value understanding that all round education is the key to the progress of an Individual. Communities that attain the capability to grow intellectually shall enrich in knowledge, wisdom and skills set to face challenges in any aspect of social life and its environment. ConClavit shall foster sustainable growth for knowledge-seeking individuals in all faculties of knowledge or entities across nations.


A successful Candidate Of Patent Agent Exam 2023, Mr. S. Elango from Chennai is expressing his opinion about the ConClavit coaching offered by Dr. K T. Varughese.

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