Indian Patent Agent Exam 2024  shall be held on 07th January   2024.

Minimum Eligibility.

A person shall be qualified to have his name entered in the register of patent agents if he fulfills the following conditions, namely:-

  1. he is a citizen of India;
  2. he has completed the age of 21 years;
  3. he has obtained a degree in science, engineering or technology from any university established under the law for the time being in force in the territory of India or possesses such other equivalent qualifications as the Central Government may specify in this behalf, and, in addition
    (ii)   has  passed  the  qualifying examination  prescribed   for  the purpose .

The qualifying examination referred to in clause (c) (ii) of sub-section (1) of section 126 shall consist of a written test and a viva voce examination.

(2) The qualifying examination shall consist of the following papers and marks, namely:

Paper I -Patents Act and Rules  100

Paper II-Drafting and interpretation of patent specifications and other documents          100

 Viva-Voce              50

(3) A candidate shall be required to secure a minimum of fifty marks in paper I and paper II and shall be declared to have passed the examination only if he obtains an aggregate of sixty percent of the total marks.

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